The “Neyo” of the Reggae and Music Embassies

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Eldie Anthony has been given a pet name by many Embassy Executives and also his Embassy Mates and that he has been assisting from various Music Embassies.  His colleagues are referring to him as the “Neyo” of the organization due to his talents and abilities of song writing and his creative production skills.  Blessed with strong writing skills, he has written songs for and in collaboration with many clients within the Music Embassies such as Ma’Niche (Pop Music Embassy), I-Noble (Reggae Embassy), C-Zer (Hip Hop Embassy), Charly King (Pop Music Embassy) and Cameal Davis (Reggae Embassy).  He has a keen ear for vocal performance and is extremely instrumental when working with the engineers who are mixing and mastering the songs to ensure the highest quality production as the end product.  He developed this ability during the four years he spent being mentored by Reggae’s greate Beres Hammond.  He now uses his knowledge and training to assist others while also ensuring that his productions are at their best. Writing songs in full or in part, his Embassy mates love his vibe and the quality work he brings forth.